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      Home >  Products > Board to Board Connector > Pin Header Series > 1.0mm
      PH1.0 Pin Header H=1.0 Single Row Straight Type

      PH1.0 Pin Header H=1.0 Single Row Straight Type

      Part No: L20110-XX0XXXXX
      Delivery time:7~15 Day
      ROHS Compliant

      product details


      Rated Current0.75AMP
      Contact   Resistance30mΩ   Max
      Withstand   Voltage500V   AC/DC
      Insulation   Resistance1000MΩ   Min
      Operation   Temperature﹣40℃   to +105℃
      Contact   MaterialBrass
      Contact   PlatingAu   over Ni
      Insulator   MaterialPA9T+30G.F UL94V-0 BK

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